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Portrait or Personal Image - Donna M Weber

Donna M. Weber, M.D.

I am a myeloma (bone marrow cancer) specialist, but also enjoy running, backpacking, rock climbing, hang-gliding, water sports, bungy-jumping and basically anything adrenaline-packed (if you’d like to learn more about that side of me, look under “1000 Words:More or Less: It’s Alll About Me”). I’ve been an avid photographer for several years and have been fortunate to have been able to mix business with pleasure and have traveled to New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Japan, South America, the Caribbean and many of the great National Parks in the United States.

My patients have taught Me about living each day to the fullest and approaching life with dignity, passion, and endless spirit; I strive hard to capture that emotion and energy in my work with myeloma clinical research as well as in my photographs. My clinical research and encounters with many special patients helps me realize that “we” should really “live” every moment. I hope in some small way I can share the inspiration I see so often in my work at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, with others through my photographs, and one day hope to repay the favor, perhaps by developing my photography in some way to benefit myeloma research.

One of my favorite photographers, Galen Rowell, once said he could “see” the world much better through a camera lens; I agree wholeheartedly, but feel fortunate to also “view” the world through my patients and work at MD Anderson.”

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