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Fish Fossils

Fossil Fish 3 inches long


Fossil Fish - Knightia


A Grade Diplomystus dentatus Fossil Fish Green River Formation Wyoming


Fossil Fish Orgy Wyoming green River


Fossil Fish - Plate of 2 Knightia


Knightia fossil fish Wyoming USA 1 double fish fossil plate per winner Eocene


Green River Formation Wyoming Diplomystus Fossil Fish


Fish Fossil In Small Sandstone Sample


7 Inch Long Fish & Partial Fossil from Wyoming No Reserve


Fossil Fish, Diplomystus dentatus, 6.45 inches, GRF, Kemmerer, Wyoming, U.S.A.


fossil fish Green River Knightia Eoceaena 50myo Wyo #37


Two Small Restored 50 Million Year Old Fossil Fish! From Wyoming 341gr e


Fossil Fish, Diplomystus dentatus, 9.0 inches, GRF, Kemmerer, Wyoming, U.S.A.


Excellent Quality Fish Fossil (Knightia eoceana) Free Shipping


Fossilized Fish from Los Angeles County, CA


Fossil Fish - Small Knightia


Devonian armored small cephalaspid with ribs saved, bony jawless fish fossils


Devonian armored Pteraspid, Podolaspis with dorsal spine, jawless fish fossils


Triple devonian armored Pteraspids' plate, jawless bony fish fossils, Podolaspis


Excellent Quality Fish Fossil Fat (Diplomystus dentatus)  Nice Rock, Free Ship


Devonian armored agnatha Victoraspis longicornualis, jawless bony fish fossils




Large Upper Cretaceous bony fish vertebrae N.E. Texas Ozan Formation fossil


SUPER RARE! Devonian FISH Voichyschynaspis longicornualis with trunk remains


A Grade Knightia eocaena Fossil Fish Green River Formation Wyoming


Fish Fossil Real from Western Liaoning China 150 Million Years Ago Lycopter


Multiple Fossil Fish Green River Formation Wyoming Post Dinosaur Era


Lycoptera Davidi plate specimen Jurassic to Cretaceous Real Fish Fossil China


50 Million Year Old Fish Fossil Green River Formation Wyoming USA Authentic Cool


1 fossil fish 30 grey/brown/stingray fossil shark teeth, ammonite 100 gemstones


102mm Fossil Fish Knightia eocaena Eocene period Fossilized Fossilien Wioming


Five pteraspids' multiblock, devonian armored agnatha jawless bony fish fossils


Excellent rare Devonian armored fish Cephalaspides


Unknown Cephalaspid from Victoraspis longicornualis' layer, agnatha, fish fossil


COELACANTH fish fossil Trias 250 mio Madagascar CO-112 (1052)


Unprepared Fossil Fish, Knightia eocaena, GRF, Wyoming, U.S.A. #5


COELACANTH fish fossil Trias 250 mio Madagascar CO-110 (1041)