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Stereo Ribbon Microphone

Bang & Olufsen Bm5 Stereo Ribbon Microphone. Super condition. Copied by Royer


Speiden / Royer SF-12 Professional Stereo Ribbon Microphone + cables


Royer SF 24 Stereo Phantom Powered Ribbon Microphone Perfect Condition.


Golden Age Project R1ST Stereo Ribbon Microphone


Cascade VIN-JET Ribbon Microphone STEREO PAIR w/Bar, Case - Black/Silver Finish


NOS Audio Panther MK2 Active Ribbon Microphone Stereo Matched Pair - Free Ship


Royer SF24 Stereo Ribbon Microphone - NICE!


Cascade X15 X-15 stereo ribbon mic


Royer SF-24 active stereo ribbon microphone


Peluso Microphone Lab Inc. SR 14 Ribbon Stereo Studio Microphone SR14


Peluso SR14 Stereo Ribbon Microphone in Wood Box + Free Shipping!


Royer SF-12 Stereo Ribbon Mic, case, cables, mount


Coles 4038 Ribbon Microphone - Stereo Matched Pair w/ Mount and Case


Royer SF-24 Stereo Active Ribbon Microphone


AudioHipster AH-04 Classical Passive Ribbon Stereo Microphone ~ Blumlein Style


AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon Microphone


Royer SF-12 Stereo Ribbon Microphone


AEA R88 MK2 Stereo Ribbon Microphone


Cascade Fat Head II Microphone Stereo Matched Pair Brown/Gold RIBBON MIC - NWOT


Coles 4050 Stereo Ribbon Microphone with Shockmount


AEA R88 (LRG Stereo Ribbon Mic)


Cascade FAT HEAD (980-B-A) | Ribbon Microphone | Stereo Pair


AEA R88 mk2 Microphone: Stereo ribbon microphone for Blumlein/MS


Cascade Fat Head II Ribbon Microphone Black Demo Stereo Bundle + Free Shipping!


Golden Age Project R1 ST Stereo Ribbon Microphone


Cascade FAT HEAD Blumlein Microphone Stereo Pair Brown/Gold - New!


New Peluso SR-14 Stereo Ribbon Microphone System, SR14, Auth Dlr, Free Ship!


Cascade Microphones X-15 Stereo Ribbon Mic with LL2912 Transformers, Silver


AEA N8 Nuvo Stereo Studio Ribbon Microphone Kit


MAKE OFFER FREE SHIP Fostex M20 RP MS printed ribbon stereo microphone


Royer Labs SF-12 Stereo Ribbon Microphone New w/Warranty | Atlas Pro Audio


Royer SF-12 Stereo Ribbon Mic


AEA Microphones R88 MK2 Dual Ribbon Stereo Studio Microphone


Cascade Fat Head II Microphone Stereo Pair Lundahl Brown/Gold + Free Shipping!


AEA R88 MK2 Large Ribbon Stereo Microphone w/ Case + Mogami Gold XLR Cables 25ft


AEA R88 MK2 Large Ribbon Stereo Recording Vocal Microphone w/ Cable + Case


COLES 4050 Stereo Ribbon Microphone *NEW&Warranty - Factory Sealed!*


AEA R88 Mk 2 Stereo Ribbon Microphone by Wes Dooley - New w/Warranty Free S/H


AEA Ribbon Mics N8 NUVO Series Phantom-Powered Stereo Ribbon Microphone Set


272/ Used alphamode stellar rm-7 ribbon microphone stereo No noticeable scraTUNE


Royer SF-24V Stereo Vacuum Tube Ribbon Mic


Royer Labs SF-24 Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone - New | Atlas Pro Audio


Avantone Pro CK-40 Stereo Multi-Pattern FET Microphone


AEA N22 NUVO Series Matched Pair of Ribbon Microphones Stereo Kit New w/Warranty


AEA Ribbon Mics N22 NUVO Series Phantom-Powered Stereo Ribbon Microphone Set